Miramar Golf Club – Buenos Aires Province

Miramar Golf Club has a unique claim to fame, it’s purported to be the only true Scottish Links course in the whole of Latin America.

Set on the Atlantic Coast of Buenos Aires province, just South of the seaside resort town of Mar del Plata, Miramar GC is located 1 km from the ocean and was designed by the English brothers, Aubrey and Percy Boomer in 1927.

The natural landscape of this part of Argentina was not altered with the use of heavy machinery during its construction and so the course appears very natural with the original medans and generally flat surface leading to an ever changing course depending on the natural elements of the day.

With any links course, and especially so with Miramar’s lack of trees, the rough is your main foe. Accurate play is crucial as you could find yourself spending plenty of time hacking around if you stray from the fairway, presuming you find the ball in the first place!

The layout is quite spacious whilst retaining some quirks, a prime example being a tee shot over the previous hole’s green. Talking of which, the greens are large and offer multiple tiers providing plenty of challenge to finish off the hole once you reach them.

Miramar GC offers a very different style to other courses available in Argentina, and the rest of Latin America, and for shear variety, it’s an enjoyable addition to any golf itinerary.

You can enjoy a round at Miramar GC as part of our Golf on the Atlantic Coast package or as part of a uniquely design itinerary. Contact us for more information about your group requirements.