The Salty Grip

I’m not a PGA Professional, in fact, I’m not even that good of a golfer, but I do love the sport and that’s where GGA came from. Providing incredible trips for golfers by golfers.

Along the way I decided, as well as doing course reviews of the different types of course available in Argentina, it’d be fun to jot down the occasional note regarding products I stumble across during my golf journey that have helped me, and that I feel may help fellow “average” golfers out there.

Hope it helps! Cheers Jon

I stumbled upon The Salty Grip whilst surfing Instagram one day and the uniqueness of the style piqued my interest. I love all things funky and a little unusual so the idea of a cork putter grip drew me in and I wanted to learn more.

Thankfully, this isn’t just some sort of gimmick or fad, the natural properties of the cork lend themselves well to the needs of a quality grip and what was particularly appealing was the absorbency of them when your hands are sweaty. Argentina has hot summers, sometimes it touches 40 degrees and it’s regularly in the mid to high 30’s through December, January and February, so my hands get very clammy quickly. The idea of having a grip that will still allow me to hold the club as I wish is hugely beneficial.

I opted for the mid sized option and for me it’s absolutely perfect, it’s chunkier than standard grips, which I personally find too small, but it’s not so big it fells unwieldy. It gives me a nice sense of touch and I find it really helps to take my hands out of the equation in my putting stroke.

Another unique element about Salty Grips are their ability to be customised. As you’ll see from the photos below, I had this grip made to go on my refurbished T.P.M. 4 putter and the end result is awesome, you can choose different fonts, have text running horizontally or vertically, you can even have logos included. This does come at an additional cost but at the time of my purchase I believe it was only an extra $10USD. I don’t think that’s too much to pay to add a bit of pizzazz to your most important club in the bag!

Overall I’d say this is a high quality product that has benefited and helped improve my game whilst making my putter stand out from the crowd, what more could you ask for in a putter grip!? It gets a solid 10/10 from me.

The Salty Grip comes in several different sizes from slim up to jumbo and their prices range from $29.99 up to $45.99. You can go check them out for yourselves by visiting

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